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The Causes and Treatments of Melasma

Treatments of Melasma

Many women deal with dark spots and patches on their face these days, without even knowing that this may be a skin condition called melasma. If you want to learn something more about this condition, just stay with us and keep on reading. Here are some explanations of the symptoms, causes, and treatments of melasma, as well as a couple of tips on how to cope with it on a daily basis.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a very common skin problem which most often occurs in pregnant women, or in those who either use contraceptives or take hormone replacement therapy. It’s also called chloasma, or the ‘mask of pregnancy’. Even though women are more likely to face this condition, the truth is that men can get it, too. Basically, melasma is a patchy brown or blue-grey skin discolouration that occurs on the skin due to the overproduction of pigment. These dark patches often appear on the jaw, nose, forehead, and cheekbones, and you should know that this condition can’t be permanently cured, but it can certainly be effectively treated.

What are the symptoms of melasma?

As already stated, melasma causes patches of discolouration on your skin. These patches are darker than your skin, and what’s particularly interesting about this condition is the fact that it occurs symmetrically – with matching marks on both sides of your face. However, it can also occur on other areas of your body, particularly those exposed to the sun. So, apart from your face, melasma can also be seen on your neck and forearms. Even though this condition can’t cause any physical harm, it can certainly affect your self-esteem and make you feel conscious about the way it looks.

The causes and risk factors of melasma

Even though we can’t say for sure what really causes melasma, the fact is that estrogen and progesterone sensitivity is closely related to this condition. This is exactly why pregnancy, hormone therapy, and birth control pills are highly likely to trigger melasma. Besides that, high stress levels and thyroid disease are also said to cause this condition. You should also know that people with darker skin colour are more at risk than ones with fair skin.

How can it be treated?

There are several ways to treat melasma, but Q-Switch lasers are probably the most effective resource for treating this condition. This treatment for melasma does an amazing job simply because it has the ability to select and deliver the laser wavelength to the required depth of discolouration. This machine actually delivers two classes of therapeutic laser – one suitable for the treatment of near surface (epidermal) skin pigmentation, and the other for the treatment of pigmentation in deep (dermal) layers of the skin.

Coping and living with melasma

As already mentioned, melasma can’t be permanently cured, even though it can disappear on its own, which typically happens when it’s caused by pregnancy or birth control pills. However, you can make sure that this condition doesn’t get any worse by taking prescribed medication, wearing sunscreen on a daily basis, and protecting your face from the sun’s rays with a wide-brimmed hat. You can also use makeup to cover those discoloured areas, but if you’re really self-conscious about your melasma, the best way to cope with it is to talk to your doctor or maybe a local support group. Knowing that there are other people dealing with the same condition can be very helpful.

As you can see, melasma is a skin condition that occurs as discolouration on your face, neck, and even forearms. Be sure to see your doctor right away if you recognise the symptoms, since that’s the only way to deal with this condition properly.

How to choose the right skincare product for every season


We all know that committing to a skincare routine isn’t as naïve as it may look. While a range of products is indeed available at every corner, it takes a skillful eye and a knowledgeable expert to actually pick and choose the product that agrees with our skin type and the end goal we’re looking to achieve.

Naturally, another factor that plays a role is the time of year. Each season of the year demands a different kind of product, which is why we need to be extra careful in picking out our cosmetics – otherwise we may end up with a counter-effect of what we were initially aiming for.

Regardless of you looking for a quick fix that’ll tighten the skin, erase wrinkles, treat acne or reduce the signs of aging, these days there is a crème for everything (and we’re happy it is so)! However, the beauty aisle can be pretty overwhelming sometimes; products are often heavily overpriced and not as effective as they claim to be. This is precisely why you need to be the consumer who knows what they are looking for. The starting point of every successfully product-picking is to research the product’s ingredients and see what works best for your specific skin type.

Rely on the following tips that’ll work for you, every season:

The winter months

The cold weather and lack of moisture can cause chapping, cracking and irritation, which is why you need to keep your skin coated in as many layers of clothes as possible. Furthermore, you want to cover up (and use sunscreen!) to avoid serious sunburns and skin conditions such as eczema, that the combination of the winter wind and sun can cause. To protect your hands, wear gloves, as they help eliminate cracked and splitting cuticles and nails, while protecting the very thin skin on your hands. And the most important tip for winter? Moisturize! After a bath or shower, apply moisturizer directly on the skin to help seal in moisture and replenish it with the necessary water and oils.

The autumn months

Skin tends to lose precious moisture as the dry, colder air arrives, which is why you need to invest in proper care. The good thing about autumn though is that it provides an opportunity for the skin to recover from the summer sun, chlorine and saltwater.

To help your skin recover, exfoliate and moisturize! Switch from lotion to cream as the skin needs a thicker moisturizer with the air getting drier. Note that creams provide a stronger oily barrier, to provide hydration. Don’t forget to invest in a good hand cream too, as the hands need moisturizing against the harsh weather.

The spring months

When the weather finally warms up, that doesn’t mean leaving all skincare aside, no! This is precisely when you should make a few smart moves and help your skin recover. Depending on the pigment of your skin, make sure you find the right SPF. For example, your skin is more sensitive to UV rays if you are fair-skinned and have freckles. Go see your dermatologist to be absolutely sure you are choosing the right care.

The summer months

We understand the drive to look olive-tanned, especially if you are fair skinned. Still, remember that a tan means the skin has already been damaged and that your one job at this point is to prevent it from getting even more hurt.

No matter what skin type you have, always wear sunscreen containing at least SPF 30. Rely on intensive body therapy creams to protect and repair the skin from damage and make sure you are diligent about your routines. The great news is that you can find amazing products at a discount chemist online, even when you don’t have the time to go shopping. The fact that it’s warm doesn’t mean you should be wearing protective clothes any longer. If anything, this is the time to turn to unbleached cotton or tightly woven T-shirts or shorts, in addition to wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, of course.

Be smart about your skin as the way you nurture it now will show (literally!) later on!

Why the New Year is the perfect time to step up our skincare habits?

new year skincare habits

2017 has finally arrived, which means now is the perfect time to make some New Year resolutions and take better care of your skin. In case you haven’t had time last year to purchase quality products, or make appointments to the salon to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin, don’t worry. It’s a new year, so this is your chance to start from the beginning and take better care of your body. Too many people make resolutions on December 31st and forget about them by January 15th. Don’t be one of them! Step out of your comfort zone and read on to find out why the New Year is the best time to make new plans.

Redefine yourself

Ending a year and starting a new one make people feel in control. It is that time of the year when we feel empowered and motivated to ditch bad habits and improve our lifestyles. When it comes to skincare, the New Year marks a new beginning. Commit to drinking more water to hydrate your skin, and begin a strict regime on January 1st. If you can do it for more than two weeks, you’ll see results and you’ll have proof that hydration really works miracles for your complexion.

The New Year is an opportunity to assess our priorities

Contrary to popular belief, making New Year resolutions does help people assess their priorities. However, try not to set goals that are too high and take things step by step. For example, you can begin buying beauty products that are organic. Even though these have a shorter expiration period, they’re worth it. Your skin will receive all the vitamins and nutrients necessary to look flawless inside out. Today’s modern woman is a lot more self-conscious when it comes to comes to her skin. This year you get to start fresh. Assess your priorities and reboot your skin with the best beauty products. Go organic!

Setting new goals

Many people use the New Year celebration to set new goals, think about their lives and put the past behind. It’s difficult to give up your favorite moisturizer, and even though it’s not that good for your skin, you still use it because it smells incredible. But it doesn’t benefit your body. For this 2017, it’s time to be more open-minded. Set new goals and commit to taking better care of yourself. Make time for you and try as hard as you can to give up old habits. We know you may crave a cigarette right now, but think about your skin. It hates tobacco!


A new beginning for your skin

When it comes to skincare, we all make mistakes. We don’t drink enough water, we don’t cleanse properly, and sometimes we use products that do more harm than good to our complexion. Don’t you think your face needs a reboot for this 2017? Sure, you do. It might be difficult to throw away all your beauty products, but you have to do it. Start fresh and be ready for a new beginning. It’s time to give your skin the treatment that it deserves.

A perfect excuse for a complete skin rejuvenation

As human beings we need time to get out of our comfort zones and make a change in our lives. The New Year is the perfect excuse to make resolutions and plan changes that might actually change your life. However, if you want results you need to commit. Dedicate 2017 to your skin and start a complete skin rejuvenation process. Whether you decide to go to the salon or make your own beauty products at home, the key is to settle on a goal and stick with it.


For example, you can begin by making your own moisturizing and cleaning skin lotions. Use common ingredients such as olive oil, honey, sugar, and eggs. Or, get to know more about the most recent products. Check a starflower oil review and see what this product is all about. We’ve heard the ingredient in the oil are extremely healing and nourishing to the skin. It might actually fix imperfections you’ve been dealing with for ages.

Bottom line is, it’s easy to make resolutions. The real challenge comes when it’s time to put those resolutions into practice. You can do it, all you have to do it try!


Can You Tighten Loose Skin with Exercise?

tighten loose skin

Significant changes in weight come with some unexpected consequences. And while the weight may be gone, you are often left with loose skin, which then becomes your new nemesis and sometimes bothers you even more than the weight did. In order to help you achieve your dream body, we have chosen a couple of things to look out for, along with methods designed to reduce body fat, and tighten excess skin as well.

Before we start

Don’t plan on losing weight too quickly. This is one of the most common mistakes people make out of desperation. Losing weight with crash diets can wreck the elasticity of your skin, leaving you with a lot of excess work that needs to be done in order to achieve the ideal look. Not only do these drastic diets affect your skin, more importantly, they leave you with less muscle mass. Therefore, we strongly recommend pacing your weight loss to 2 pounds per week. If you are not sure about which techniques and methods to try, we seriously recommend an experienced personal gym trainer.

Work out

Although exercise can not directly cause the skin to tighten by itself, it is certainly something you should never give up. Exercising, which includes strength and cardio training, is great for building muscle mass and improving the skin’s elasticity. Skin, just like any other elastic material, will lose its flexibility after being stretched for long periods of time during weight gain or pregnancy. Therefore, it is vital to train your muscles and build them up so they can fill out under your skin. Cardio exercises help increase the flow of oxygen to all organs, including the skin.


Healthy dieting is the key to regaining and maintaining healthy and strong skin. Nutritionists recommend eating food rich in vitamin C and E, and zinc as well. For an abundant supply of vitamin C, we recommend eating citrus fruits like lemons and oranges. Vitamin E is particularly great for the heart and can be found in tomatoes, almonds, and avocados. Zinc helps the skin gain more collagen and can be found in low-fat meat.


In order to rejuvenate the skin, it is important to keep it hydrated at all times. We recommend drinking 6-10 glasses of water daily. Keep in mind that dehydrated skin will only sag and lose its elasticity faster. Therefore, whenever you go out to exercise, or do any other activity, make sure to always bring a bottle of water with you.

Treat your skin

What better way to help your skin then by pampering it with spa treatments. First of all, try using exfoliating products to remove dead skin cells and increase flexibility. Who doesn’t love a hot relaxing bath after a long day of working out. The best thing about it is that you can add some sea salts and minerals into the water which will immensely improve your skin tone. Products that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, vitamins C, E and A will greatly help you tighten your skin.

Things to look out for

Try to stay away from strong detergents. Showering gels and soaps that contain sulfates, and dishwashing liquids as well, can harm your skin. Another great enemy is the sun. If you are not careful and expose yourself to a lot of harsh sunlight, your skin will start to age faster and sag. On a related note, if you go to tanning salons a lot you risk seriously injuring your skin and accelerating the aging process. And finally, try to avoid swimming in chlorinated water as much as possible.


Samantha has a B.Sc. in nutrition, and has spent two years working as a personal trainer. Since then, she has embarked on a mission to conquer the blogosphere. When not in the gym or on the track, you can find her on Twitter, or in a tea shop. She blogs at

Getting fairer skin with natural therapies

Natural Skin Whitening

Skin whitening products are very popular in Asian and African countries.

Beauty is skin deep! But unfortunately not everyone believes in this. For many people beauty is anonymous with whiter skin. And, this forces many women with darker complexion to invest in products that promise to make their complexion whiter. While it is more important to have healthy and blemish free skin, the colour of the skin receives undue importance even in the modern era. Our skin colour is determined by presence of pigment called Melanin. The amount of melanin secretion is controlled by our genes. However factors such as sun exposure, pollution or even some health conditions such as melasma interfere with melanin production and can result in darkness of skin. In such cases when the skin loses its original glow and starts to appear darker, it appears logical to opt for a skin whitening treatment. The most commonly used skin whitening treatments include bleaching, laser therapy and chemical peeling. However, apart from these expensive treatments, you can try some skin whitening treatment such as facials, masks, or creams containing herbal ingredients.

This interesting infographic can help you understand the various chemical and natural treatments available for skin whitening. The best part is you learn some smart tips to make use the skin whitening herbs into DIY facials masks.

Skin lightening infographic

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Unleashing the Secrets of Radiant, Glowing Skin with Natural Oils

Radiant glowing skin

Do you want to know the secret to radiant glowing skin?

The changing trends in beauty and health care have lead to people placing their entire trust on the efficacy of natural and organic ingredients. More and more women these days are realizing the importance of natural ingredients for skin care.

Natural ingredients comprise of medicines derived from plants, particularly essential oils.

Since time immemorial, essential oils have been known to cure several skin problems, enhance beauty and improve overall wellness.

Essential oils have great healing effects and help renew skin that has suffered serious injuries due to accidents.

Scarring as a result of wounds can be completely cured with the help of essential oils.

The use of Essential Oils for Skin Treatments is Known as Aromatherapy

This skin treatment is beneficial in maintaining skin health and keeping it youthful forever. By opting for aromatherapy, you can look forward to having a healthy and beautiful skin. The essential oils used in this kind of skin treatment have a lasting effect on the skin.

These oils get completely soaked up into the skin prior to reaching the bloodstream.

So what oils should you use?

Use the Following Essential Oils to Give Your Skin that Youthful Glow

Go for a massage with these:

Carrot Seed Essential Oil – An excellent source of beta-carotene, this oil helps nourish skin, giving it a youthful appearance. Due to its ability to stimulate skin elasticity, you will find this essential oil in majority skin care products.
Best For: Inflammation, large pores, psoriasis, skin regeneration and scars.

German Chamomile Oil – Well known for its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, this oil has been used by most people desirous of smooth skin. If you suffer from sunburns, you can apply this oil to soothe skin.
Best For: Acne, sensitive skin, dry skin, blemishes and rosacea.

Lavender Essential Oil – Whether you are suffering from minor burns or bee stings, you can choose to apply lavender oil around the affected area to cure it completely. You can use this oil for every skin type and the fragrance of lavender is sure to enliven your spirits.
Best for: Acne sufferers, those having cracked skin, dry skin and suffering from infections.

Lemongrass Oil – Want to get rid of sagging skin? Choose this essential oil that has mild astringent properties. All the wastes and toxins from the skin are removed with the help of lemongrass oil.
Best For: Cleansing, eliminating black heads, people having large pores and toning skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – One of the major reasons why this oil is used in most skin care products is because tea tree essential oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. This oil is the best cure for people battling acne and those who have oily skin. Tea tree oil can easily cure herpes simplex virus.
Best For: Acne, treating skin infections, eliminating blemishes, psoriasis and revitalizing skin.

Author bio
Jenny Williams is an avid blogger and Dermatologist by Profession.Jenny writes about beautifying skin through aroma therapy and best anti aging cream. She regularly contributes to health related websites, blogs and magazines covering skin care, and health. She loves trying out  She is also passionate about reading fiction and traveling. Jenny sees herself as a successful fiction writer in the near future.

8 Hazardous Skin Care Myths Exposed


You must have heard these skin care mythical facts before.

  • Tanning dries out acne.
  • Stress causes wrinkles.
  • An expensive product is usually better.

And to further lead us on, are the skin care products with their claims of instant results.

No matter, how promising and believable they sound;

The reality is far more shocking and in the pursuit of getting beautiful looking skin, we end up doing more harm than good.

We want to provide you with the right information and help you make better decisions.

So without further ado, here are the 8 Most Hazardous Skin Care Myths Exposed.

8 Most Revered Skin Care Myths Unveiled

#1 Tanning Booths that Don’t Contain UVB Rays are Safer

It is well known to all that tanning is harmful for the skin and can even cause skin cancer and premature aging. The claims of tanning booths of UVB free tanning readily assures us, but what about UVA rays? With the direct exposure, these rays penetrate deep within the skin and cause damage that can lead to premature appearance of wrinkle lines or development of the cancer causing cells.

 #2 Face Scrubbing Leads to Acne Free and Healthy Skin:

Scrubbing once in two months is indeed beneficial but scrubbing your face on a regular basis takes off some of the protective oils and barriers. The elimination of the moisture from the skin can lead to skin rashes or burns. Instead of the face scrubs, you can use gentle cleansers followed by an effective moisturizer.

 #3 More SPF Leads to Better Protection

There are two types of UV rays that harm skin. One is the UVA rays that penetrate deeper in the skin and cause tanning. And the other one is UVB rays that causes skin burns and can even result in skin pigmentation or the development of the cancer cells. The sunscreens available in the markets can provide protection from one or both type of the rays. Apparently, the sunscreen with larger spectrum covers both the rays. Thus, choose the SPF according to the amount you have sun exposure. Using more or less than required SPF equally harms the skin.

#4 I Dont Need Sunscreen on a Cloudy Day

Clouds can reduce or increase UV levels but UV rays from the sun can penetrate through the clouds and reach your skin. Always make sure to use sunscreen with the proper SPF.

#5 If a Product doesn’t Show Instant Results, Move On

You need to use a product for at least 8 to 10 weeks to check its affect on your skin. The skin care effect for all the products is distinctive for different skin types. All the active ingredients does effect the skin, but on different level and intensity.

#6 Pimple Picking Leads to Scarring

If you do not pick deep, the occurrence of a permanent scar can be avoided. But upon picking a pimple what is more likely to happen is the discoloration of the skin which is much harder to cure. Instead go for the acne treatments like revitol acne treatment and have patience. These treatments may take time to cure acne but readily do that without any side-effects or permanent scars.

#7 Cold Water Rinses are Good for my Skin

The cold water closes all the skin pores. The hot water baths are best as it open the skin pores, thus allowing the skin to easily and sufficiently dissolve the applied moisturizer. Rinsing face with cold water does nothing else than making you cold.

#8 Regular Switching of Facial Soaps is Beneficial

Changing your skin care products would do nothing better than causing a hole in your wallet. It’s a myth that your skin gets acquainted with the ingredients of the products and stop responding to its positive effect. The only product that needs switching is the acne cream, only if your acne has progressed and you are still using a milder acne product.

Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention of MRSA infection in Athletes

Bacteria often cling to our skin and cause skin infections. Staph (Staphylococcus Aureus) is one of such bacterial skin infections. Then these bacteria get deep into our skin through cuts and wounds. Normally, staph causes minor skin infections like pimples and boils. These skin infections are normal and can be easily treated or get cured automatically.

There are cases, however, wherein staph infections become complicated and can be treated with antibiotics only.

Staph skin infections at worst stage become highly resistant to antibiotics.

MRSA, short for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, is a serious staph infection which is resistant to first line antibiotics such as Methicillin, amoxicillin and penicillin.

MRSA Skin Infection

MRSA staph infection, quite commonly, is associated with those who are often exposed to hospital environment. That is why this skin infection is also known as hospital-acquired MRSA or “HA-MRSA.” This type of MRSA infection is difficult to treat with even strong antibiotics like clindamycin.

Generally, MRSA staph infection occurs in people with weak immune system. Athletes are an exception here. Though athletes are healthy individuals, still they remain at higher risk of catching this infection. The reason is close physical contact during competitions. Their fatigued and sweaty bodies are perfect locations for bacteria to grow.

Symptoms and Treatment
Staph infections can be easily identified on the skin. MRSA infected area is always red and warm. The area becomes swollen and pains when touched. As the infection becomes more serious, you see pus like fluid coming out. Red rashes spread all over the body. Later, the victim suffers from fever and complains of chill. That is followed by headache and body muscles ache.

In athletes, MRSA is common because on close body to body touch. They acquire wounds during fight and microbes spread easily from one person to another. These causative pathogens also present on towels and other equipments. Antibiotics are the best treatment for MRSA staph infections. But serious-stage MRSA infection is resistant to common antibiotics like penicillin, amoxicillin, and cephalosporins. Then doctors prescribe stronger antibiotics such as Clindamycin or Bactrim. If the infection is more severe, intravenous medications are provided in the hospital.

MRSA Prevention
Physical hygiene and caution are the best ways to prevent MRSA staph skin infections. Especially athletes need to take a very good care to be able to minimize the chances of skin infections. They should wash hands after touching, wearing and undoing sports accessories. They need to take shower with antibacterial soaps before and after every fight or/and practice session. They are supposed not to contest with open wounds. Also, always avoid sharing towel, clothes and other equipment. Don’t ignore even the slightest of hints of growing skin infection and discuss it with your physician.

Summary: MRSA staph infection is a serious skin infection. Since it is highly resistant to common antibiotics, it needs to be treated with stronger antibiotics. Prevention, however, is best.

Author Bio: The author of the article is a freelancer content writer. He has been writing articles for online health journals and articles. This time he is providing information on MRSA staph infection, an infection caused due to strep bacteria.


The Best and Worst Cities for Your Skin


Check out the infographic on the best and worst cities for your skin!

The best and worst cities for your skin infographic

Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Can Cause Skin Break Outs


Mineral makeup has been the answer many women have been looking for when it comes to looking completely natural and covering imperfections in their skin at the same time.

It’s taken the cosmetic market by storm it seems!

Are mineral makeup products the best choice for someone with sensitive skin?

The answer is both yes and no, but it depends on the ingredients in the specific product.  Unfortunately, the companies manufacturing makeup, including the mineral brands, are not regulated and so can add pretty much any ingredient they want and still mark it hypoallergenic and safe for the skin.

What Ingredients in Mineral Makeup Can Cause Irritation?

Women with sensitive skin are constantly looking for the newest and best facial care and makeup options because so many of the products on the market today cause their skin to turn red, itch, or otherwise break out.

Mineral foundations and concealers seemed to promise excellent results for sensitive skin because they contain natural minerals.  Sadly, some people who tried them were disappointed when their skin had an adverse reaction.

The truth is that even these so-called natural mineral products contain ingredients that are irritants to sensitive skin.

What ingredients should you avoid?

  • Parabens or paraben preservatives – potential cancer-causing ingredient and especially irritating to those who suffer with rosacea
  • Nanoparticles – tiny particles in mineral makeup that are harmful to the environment, animals, and to us
  • Bismuth Oxychloride – labeled as an irritant to the eyes, lungs, and skin and yet it’s still added to makeup to help the product stay on the skin and look natural
  • BHT or Butylated Hydroxtoluene – irritant to the lungs, eyes, and skin and could potentially cause harm to the immune system
  • Fragrance – synthetically derived and therefore a danger to skin and the body
  • Alumina – categorized as a toxin, but added to makeup to keep the product from clumping
  • Carmine – a pigment derived from insects that can be an irritant to the skin

Have you experienced acne breakouts, red skin, itchy skin, or the development of pustules on your skin after using mineral makeup?

The cosmetic brand you used may have contained one or more of the ingredients listed above.

Bismuth Oxychloride is found in some of the best brands of makeup, but should be avoided by anyone with sensitive skin.

It’s extremely irritating to the skin.

Additional Ingredients to Look For

Zinc oxide, titanium oxide, and mica are three more ingredients that could potentially be irritating to sensitive skin.  These substances may not affect sensitive skin in some people, but will affect others.  It’s wise to keep an eye on the ingredients of even the highest rated makeup that contains minerals.

What Mineral Makeup is Safe?

There are good ones out there – you just have to read their ingredient list to make sure none of the ones listed above are in their product.  Don’t be misled by the marketing hype associated with a lot of mineral makeup products!

Take a list of these ingredients with you and read the labels before purchasing any makeup or health and beauty item.

It is possible to wear minerals on your skin and not experience adverse side effects!


Author Bio:

MRochell is the creator of which offers a free eBook on safe, natural solutions to rosacea, best mineral makeup and other chronic skin problems.

10 simple anti-aging home remedies


Aging signs and symptoms are quite common as your age hits 30’s and above. Skin in general glows with suppleness and natural shine due to internal skin healthiness as they retain elasticity with the needful moist and oil contents. As you age your skin loses the retained moist content reducing the elastic nature leaving them dry, rough and lifeless. There are several external factors that affect ones skin health such as exposure to sunlight, winter season, daily stress, poor diet and lack of proper exercise.

Bring back the natural skin glow with good health including some internal healthy diet plans like fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrient stuffs. You can also make your skin glow with natural shine by working out with some special face exfoliating and moisturizing natural skin care products.

Here are some interesting trial home remedies that are simple and stress relieving that you can try of your own.

1. Remove skin wrinkles and keep skin soft

An oil massage is good for one’s skin as they provide good blood circulation to the skin underneath and keeps your skin oxidized and soft. Castor oil helps to remove wrinkles in skin.

2. Almond oil, pure coconut oil, ghee and olive oil

You can make use of almond oil, pure coconut oil, ghee and olive oil to massage your skin and leave off overnight. You can experience a fresh looking skin the next morning.

3. Pulp of Aloe Vera gel

Pulp of Aloe Vera gel can be applied to sooth your skin removing wrinkles, dryness in skin and acts as a healing property.

4. Antioxidant

Grated cucumber, papaya, apple are good for skin as they have a wonderful effect on skin with antioxidant property.

5. Help your tired looking eyes with honey

Honey is applied on skin helps to give your skin a supple effect and softness. Honey, is a good remedy for dry skin. It also removes tiredness and wrinkles around your eyes over night on continuous usage.

6. Get an early morning glow with almonds

Soak almonds in water over night, grind and apply the paste in the early morning for an instant glow.

7. Exfoliate for a natural looking glow

Mashed banana and Oatmeal paste can be used as an effective exfoliator that gives you a natural shine and glow instantly.

8. Take wrinkles out of your skin

Apply the paste of turmeric and sugarcane juice to take off the wrinkles out of your skin.

9. Natural looking glowing skin

Make a paste of rice flour, mashed papaya and lemon juice and apply on your face. Ash off after 20 min with luke warm water and pat dry. Repeat it once in a week for better natural glowing skin.

10. Cleanse and soften your skin

Mix a paste of basin powder, lemon juice and rose water and apply it for 15 min. wash off with cold water. This helps to remove skin tanning and makes your skin clean and soft.

Scary facts about permanent skin damage: acne scars

Whenever you see a blackhead, whitehead or a pimple right on your nose or cheek you have the urge to simple scrape, pick or rub it till it leaves a red mark on your face. Usually when you do that, a few weeks later you see the pimple reappear out of nowhere. This kind of a problem is not uncommon, if you suffer from acne you only make things worse by touching or picking on it. However the worst part is the mark it leaves behind in the form of acne scars. Generally the damage done is permanent unless you opt for laser surgery or any radical treatment. Acne scarring can leave ugly marks all over your skin and no amount of foundation can hide it unless you do something about it.

Instead of putting yourself through so much just avoid it altogether and go for treatment so that aside from preventing acne scarring you can reduce the likelihood of the acne reappearing. In certain cases acne scars are left behind even when you don’t touch the affected areas. This will usually be the case if you are suffering from painful severe or mild acne, particularly acne conglobata and acne fulminans. This usually happens because the skin tissue is basically damaged. According to skin specialists’ people suffering from acne tend to suffer from acne scarring and it is harder to treat older scars than new ones.

Remedies to prevent acne scarring for good
When the damage is done people generally go for laser surgery or light therapy. A better option is to avoid getting scars in the first place. Stop using comedogenic, perfumed and chemical based soaps and skin care products that damage your skin and induce acne. You can always go for oil free products which are mineral based to ensure oil free pores and skin free of dirt and bacteria. Aside from that if you do develop acne scars try medicated acne scar creams which can abate and reduce scarring over time. For the treatment to be effective you must take constant care of your skin.

Some home remedies that are well known for improving acne and reducing scars include aloe vera juices or gel and lavender oil that hold numerous healing and repairing properties that can help abate the scarring.

Treatment with Dermatologists
If your acne is painful and the scarring does not get better, it is advisable that you go to a skin specialist who can identify your skin condition and prescribe relevant treatment that will help improve the acne scars.

A better way to solve your dilemma is to work on your health, hygiene and skin yourself which will make the likelihood of acne development far less likely. The good part is that this way even if you suffer from acne scarring they will be less severe and easily treatable.

About the author:
Helen has been an expert in skin health writing specifically on the subject of acne. Her work has been published on various websites and magazines.

Amazing tips to get rid of your oily skin


Are you suffering from oily skin? Learn where this unwanted oil comes from, then we’ll provide some amazingly easy tips for you.

Our skin has natural oils that help to maintain the moisture. Sometimes, the oil glands work more and produce more oil to make your face have a stick look. This can lead to various problems like acne. If you do not take care of your skin properly and use the wrong treatments, it can cause over dryness or oily nature. This can worsen the condition of your skin. Choose the right products and treat your facial skin gently to reduce the oil production. Keep your skin well hydrated and balanced. If you are suffering from oily skin, here are a few things you can do to prevent this condition.

  1. Avoid washing your face more than two times daily.
  2. Cosmetics that contain excess mineral oils are not good. They may only worsen the condition.
  3. If you have blackheads or whiteheads, avoid squeezing them. It can cause spots on your face and lead to severe scars.
  4. Consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins B and C such as corn, beans, wheat germ, fruits, nuts and vegetables.
  5. Use a good quality skin cream containing no preservatives or alcohol.
  6. Try to consume a natural diet and avoid processed and fried foods.
  7. Choose a good cream that has the right amount of natural oils. They may not clog the pores or cause acne. They may be useful for naturally moisturizing your skin along with the skin oils present in your skin.
  8. Passion fruit oil is good for people with oily skin. It can help to control the production of oil and normalize its texture.
  9. Cleanse your face two times a day using a soap-free and gentle cleanser. Avoid scrubbing and rinse well with cool water.
  10. To calm the oil production, you can also apply cool compress to your face. Use a clean cloth dipped and wrung in cool water and lay it over your face for one minute.
  11. Use a cotton ball dipped in toner and wipe it all over your face. Try to use a toner made of aloe vera or herbal extracts. Avoid using ones that contain alcohol.
  12. If you have dry areas on your skin, use oil free moisturizers on the area alone to hydrate those areas. Avoid overusing the moisturizers.
  13. Clay pack once a week is ideal. It absorbs the excess oil and balances the oil on your skin.
  14. Steaming your face at least twice a week is also very useful. It deeply cleans the pores and keeps them clean.
  15. Drink a lot of water always. It helps to keep your skin hydrated and improves the texture. Avoid using carbonated drinks.

Apart from these, you can also use certain homemade masks for getting rid of the excess oil from your face. Some of the simple facial masks can be made by using a mixture of lemon juice and egg white, honey and cinnamon powder, milk and oatmeal, etc. When your skin is hydrated naturally, it will reduce excess oil production and make your skin healthy and radiant.

About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on topics related to beauty like latest makeup and fashion trends. Beside this she is a fitness freak. These days she is busy in writing an article on mens health.

Choose which anti-aging cream is a better option for you

We call people young or old by just looking at their faces. If you find wrinkles and signs of aging, you can immediately make out that the person is now growing old or losing the age. Beauty depends on these factors, when you are young you are away far away from all these aging things. Eyes are the first thing which catches your attention, since this is the place where signs of aging are noticed. So the best way to get rid of these and stay young is to apply anti aging creams. These anti aging creams play a key role by tightening the areas under the eyes and help these places to blend with the rest of the face skin. Even the problems like dark circle are also alleviated to a large extent.

The causes of aging: There are couples of reasons why people are encountered with these aging signs including the wrinkles and dark circles. These include inconsistent way of living leading to unhealthy way of eating like relying on junk and fried food without any workout. Having regular and consistent amount of alcohol and other unhygienic drinks, having over exposed to sun, improper sleep and smoking are the common reasons for aging. If you have more than two of these causes in you, then you are bound to depend on the anti aging products at your early age, since the presence of these things will hamper your face very badly.

Anti aging cream is difficult to choose: You know the problem and its reason, however, getting a right kind of solution is more challenging than you think. Just look at the woman’s cosmetics, you will find hundreds of them, making your task difficult to select the right one. The cosmetic world is flooded with countless choices which make things difficult for you. Earlier, the creams were simple and easy to choose, however, today with the use of advanced and complicated ingredients, it can be tricky to find the right one for you. There are other methods including the cosmetic surgery and injections which the Hollywood celebrities often go for, however, common people like us cannot afford to have them on a regular basis.

Choosing a right anti aging cream: The first thing which you need to do is to understand the reason why you have aging signs, this will help you select the right cream. Once your cream is decided, make sure you opt for quality products. Better opt for the creams which the doctors and experts often vouch for, rather than trying something which lack quality. The best way to find good and quality anti aging creams is to read as much reviews as possible. A simple way of doing is to find these reviews and testimonials over the internet before you actually purchase anyone of them.

Final word: Today, you will find a sea change in our lifestyles, where we live with lots of pressures and stress in our daily lives. These things have contributed to the early aging signs over our faces. Getting a right kind of anti aging cream is important, however, with these simple ways as discussed above, you can find them. But don’t expect the result instantly; have patience to see the desired things you are looking forward to have. There is nothing called quick or magical results, give your products some time to return your young and beautiful face.

About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on topics related to luxury and beauty. Beside this she is fond of collecting trendy clothes. These days she is busy in writing an article on effects of using cosmetics on skin.

Winter Skin Care Naturally

Old man winter is just around the corner and for many of us this means problematic skin. If you’re like me and suffer from dry skin all of time, or your skin easily becomes chapped from being in the wind, then I’m sure you wish there was a cure.

Acutally there are many ways that you can care for your skin naturally, without having to purchase skin care products from your local drug store. Most likely you already have everything that you need right in your own home.

Here are some simple ways to care for your winter skin naturally:

Exfoliate:  Exfoliating old dead skin can help allow moisture which you need to get into your pores once you have ridden them of those dead, flaky skin cells.  To exfoliate you will need a physical agent like ground walnuts or apricot hulls, or an enzyme, which basically eats dead skin cells.  There are even foods that are rich in enzymes which you can use to create your own at home mask to use in the process of exfoliation.  These foods include pineapple and papaya. Milk also has fatty acids that mildly exfoliate. This is why the traditional milk bath has been so popular.

To create an easy inexpensive natural exfoliant, mix sea salt with olive oil. Smoothe in on in the tub and rub your skin gently, then rinse in the shower. You can do the same with sugar – great for your skin! Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to make it a spa treatment and relax you.

Proper Diet:  Yes, something that you already do on a regular basis if done correctly can change your skin. For example to help dry skin, include foods in your diet that are rich in fatty acids.  Some of these foods include salmon, olive and coconut oils, avocado, and nuts.  Incorporate these into your daily diet to see what a difference they can make. What may look like dry skin may even be eczema or a rash caused by food allergies, so be alert to that possibility too.

Make Your Own Treatments:  You can also make your own at home masks and treatments to treat other skin issues.  Some common combinations are oatmeal, honey and water to create a mask, or avocado and honey.  Smear these on your skin, allow to dry and then rinse them off.

A simple honey treatment to moisturize your skin and make it glow? Pat two drops of honey on your face after cleansing, while still damp. Your skin won’t be sticky with such a small amount.

Natural skin care is great for your skin and for your wallet, try adding these treatment ideas to your winter skin care routine.

Botox No More? LAVIV™

It’s estimated that over one million botox treatments are carried out per yer, but there’s a new kid on the block. Available now this new American product has just been granted a licence by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and is expected to rival its current predecessor.

LAVIV™ (azficel-T) developed by Fibrocell Science, uses your body’s own skin cells to treat the appearance of moderate to severe laughter lines and wrinkles in adults.

Skin cells called fibroblasts, responsible for collagen production, are extracted from behind the patient’s ear. The skin cell samples are then isolated and grown in a laboratory, creating your own personalized cell therapy product. Then your own living cells are injected into the middle layer of the problem area skin, thus improving the appearance of laughter lines (nasolabial folds). Treatment is administered in 3 seperate treatment sessions at an interval of 3 – 6 weeks and is expected to cost between $1,000 to $2,000 to create the personalized cell therapy product, and an additional $250 – $500 for each of the 3 seperate treatment sessions.

Clinical trial results were confirmed for a full six months. LAVIV™ is only avalialbe through dermatologists and plastic surgeons that have completed a Fibrocell-approved training program. Ask your doctor about LAVIV.

Interested in learning more about LAVIV and personalized cell therapy?

American Airlines to offer Skin Care?

American Airlines Skin Care? Yep… You heard it, American Airlines ( will be offering a suite of new travel amenities to first and business class travelers starting Sept 1, 2011.

Premium cabin customers will receive a redesigned health and comfort amenity kit that will feature exclusive Dermalogica® skin care products, eyeshades, lip balm, tissues, towelette, comb, pen and more.

American Airlines is the only U.S. airline that offers First Class customers a quilted bed topper, duvet, pajamas, and slippers for lounging.

Wow! I’ll be booking my next trip with American Airlines!

What makeup is good for oily acne skin?

Acne is a common and frequent skin condition that a majority of people suffer from. Some of the reasons for acne development include mental duress, environmental factors such as change in season and hormonal shifts in the body. The sebaceous glands excrete excessive amounts of oil that clogs the skin pores. This leaves room for bacteria and dirt to accumulate within the clogged pores. As a result acne formation becomes inevitable. Various kinds of treatments are available from over the counter medication such a benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to herbal and homemade remedies. The effectiveness of the treatments varies based on the type and severity of the acne condition.

Health experts and doctors repeatedly mention the importance of constant skin care. Often acne merely develops due to careless habits and usage of certain comedogenic products that causes acne. To avoid acne development it is essential to wash the skin at least twice a day while avoiding excessive washing that can cause dryness and irritation making the acne condition worse.

Using oil free cosmetics and skin care products prove to be beneficial because such items do not contain chemicals that would stick and clog the skin pores. Noncomedogenic products can be used that contain sunflower oil and mineral oil since they are water based and do not lead to the risk of clogged pores. Products and cosmetics that are perfumed and appear to have a smoother texture are more likely to cause acne since oil and various chemicals are added to improve the quality of the product.
Cosmetics should not be left overnight and washed preferably with a mild moisturizer to keep the skin clean and wash away the dirt. According to studies applying eye shadows and blush should be avoided especially if they are comedogenic since it contains mineral called mica that can induce acne development.

The best acne treatment for oily skin is to apply oil free skin care products and take constant care for the skin. In case the acne condition gets worse it favorable to consult a dermatologist who can prescribe the right treatment for the skin condition.

About Author

Liza has been an expert in skin health writing specifically on the subject of acne. Her work has been published on various websites and magazines including acne treatment uk and provides insightful advice for skin diseases, acne treatment, skin regimes etc.

ALGENIST… Amazing Results!


What’s all the hype about Algenist?? Well, after doing some research on this new and upcoming product….I’m sold!!! Algenist is jampacked with nourishing ingredients that our skin is just craving the benefits of! A huge 91% saw immediate results! And increasing results within just 10 days!

Check this out… contains Shea Butter, Vitamin C & Biotin which gives skin radiance and luminosity…but the star of the show is Alguronic Acid. Now this is big…big…big!! This one is the breakthrough ingredient most of us are searching for so listen up, or should i say READ UP!! This is some pretty scientific language but I’ll break it down and simplify it so we can all understand it easily without having to rack our brains too much!!!! I’m all for that!!

Alguronic Acid demonstrated significant inhibition of melanin production and protection from UV cell damage…The photochemical properties in melanin make it an excellent protectant against malignant melanoma and other skin cancers. This really peaked my attention because I was recently diagnosed with a small skin cancer myself seeing how I’ve been vacationing every month in Florida….basking in the beautiful tropical environment! Now, I don’t know about you, but when I see something that’ll not only help me look younger but will protect me against skin cancers, well………..let’s just say ALGENIST…..YOU’VE GOT MY ATTENTION!!!!!

Here’s how it works…Alguronic Acid helps with skin cell regeneration (thats HUGE!), it slows and repairs signs of aging by eliminating the old damaged cells and generating new ones!! That’s the key to anti-aging right there, in a nut shell.

To sum it up….ALGENIST corrects….enhances….protects!! Bring it on!!!!
It’s got my approval!

Algenist Results

Algenist Results 1

Scientific Photography Instrumentation

  • Using scientific testing techniques, third-party clinical studies examined the ability of Algenist skincare products to improve skin qualities.  Corneometers, skin replicas and unretouched, matched scientific photography instrumentation were used to scientifically measure improvements in skin moisturization, skin smoothness and the size and number of fine lines and deep wrinkles.
Algenist Results 2

Third Party Clinical Results

  • For example, a third-party clinical study of The Concentrated Reconstructing Serum consisting of 30 women resulted in significant measured skin improvements.
Algenist Results 3

Third Party Consumer Results

  • Each Algenist product has undergone third-party consumer use testing to evaluate and report real results seen by 100 women.

Algenist Concentrated Serum, 1 fl. oz.

Buy Algenist Concentrated Serum 1fl. oz.



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Simple Anti Aging Treatment Discovered – Maintaining Alkalinity


“Secret” You have got to read this and update your skin care routine now!

Dr. Paul Lynn, MD of San Franciso Preventive Medical Group ( has recently announced his investigative findings that by using a common household item to maintain a state of metabolic alkalinity in
our bodies, we can prevent premature aging. The common household item is: baking soda.

Dr Lynn recently announced that by consuming small amounts of baking soda on a daily basis and keeping a constant state of alkalinity in our bodies will prevent premature aging.

Dr Lynn has 25 years experience in anti aging medicine and his findings are gaining further support by scientific research and clinical evidence.

Alkalinity in our bodies causes the health of the cell membranes to be maintained longer, thus alkalinity keeps our cells alive longer. While acidity in our bodies causes the cell membranes to break down faster and die prematurely. The resulting stress of our body working to replace the dieing cells at a faster rate, can be defined as premature aging.

Dr. Paul Lynn, MD advices the following to be added for a successful anti aging regimen.

“Baking soda (not baking powder) used daily, in low dosages is one of the most under-utilized, effective anti-aging treatments available,” advises Paul Lynn MD. “Use 1/3 tsp per day in a glass of water. Not more. Anytime is okay, but best after 3 PM. This is enough to restore an alkaline condition for the cells in most cases. Too much alkalinity can create another set of problems. If using the powder is uncomfortable, compressed baking soda tablets are available.”

“Alkalinity is an anti-aging “secret’ existing to all.” says Dr. Paul Lynn, MD of San Francisco Preventive Medical Group.

Other Uses of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a versatile ingredient and can be used to make anti-bacterial facial scrubs, used as a mildly abrasive clean cleanser for all skin types including acne prone skin, and is also great for brushing your teeth.

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