Fight Cellulite Naturally

July 8, 2015 / Renee

Even if you don’t technically know what cellulite is or why it develops, you most likely do know what it looks like.

Cellulite is a collection of lumps that many say resemble cottage cheese, that form underneath the skin giving it an uneven appearance. Cellulite usually collects around the thighs, stomach, and butt and concern over its mysterious appearance has boosted sales of miracle cure products the world over.

Unfortunately it seems most of these products have been declared relatively useless in the fight against cellulite and since many contain harsh and unnatural chemical ingredients they should be avoided anyway.

So what is cellulite?

These lumps are actually just collections of fat that push against the connective tissue underneath the skin, which causes the surface of the skin to dimple or pucker. Whatever it is, most women would be happy to ban the cellulite for life if they only knew how.

The battle against cellulite can not be won with a bottle of cream though. It needs to be fought from the inside of the body out.

Here are some green and natural ways to fight the lumps.

Exercise and Burn Fat

Slimming and toning is the most important step to getting rid of cellulite. Eliminating excess fat and flushing your body with lots of water to remove toxins will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Exercise also helps to encourage circulation and lymph flow which will help with the removal of toxic buildup and cellular health. If you are already slim, then concentrate on toning and muscle strength, which will help burn away fatty deposits that even thin skinny people have.

Dry Brushing and Massage

These two practices help improve lymph flow and propel fluid in cellulite affected areas. You need to get the bad stuff mobilized and moving out of the body and as your body becomes congested massaging and dry brushing help to get your body systems working more effectively and get rid of the build-up. You can try home massagers, have your spouse be your personal masseur, and even regular visits to a massage parlor.

Dry brushing is usually done in the morning before showering. Just spend 5-10 minutes using a soft bristled brush all over your body, using upward strokes towards the heart. Afterwards you can take a shower to wash off exfoliated skin…another benefit of dry brushing.

Ger Regular

It is not uncommon for women who have cellulite issues to also have issues with irregular bowels. In general they seem to struggle with releasing waste matter the way they should be. Start eating a balanced, organic diet with lots of fiber.

All natural smoothies (Pineapple & Pear Smoothie) in particular are wonderful for regularity.

Many natural living enthusiasts also swear by using Colema boards, which are basically fancy home enema systems. Also drink lots of water and perhaps do a juice fast one weekend a month to help regulate your bowels.

Try these techniques along with some fat burning metabolic cooking recipes for a few months and marvel at the results.

Nothing in a bottle can even come close.

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