Getting fairer skin with natural therapies

June 14, 2017 / Renee
Natural Skin Whitening

Skin whitening products are very popular in Asian and African countries.

Beauty is skin deep! But unfortunately not everyone believes in this. For many people beauty is anonymous with whiter skin. And, this forces many women with darker complexion to invest in products that promise to make their complexion whiter. While it is more important to have healthy and blemish free skin, the colour of the skin receives undue importance even in the modern era. Our skin colour is determined by presence of pigment called Melanin. The amount of melanin secretion is controlled by our genes. However factors such as sun exposure, pollution or even some health conditions such as melasma interfere with melanin production and can result in darkness of skin. In such cases when the skin loses its original glow and starts to appear darker, it appears logical to opt for a skin whitening treatment. The most commonly used skin whitening treatments include bleaching, laser therapy and chemical peeling. However, apart from these expensive treatments, you can try some skin whitening treatment such as facials, masks, or creams containing herbal ingredients.

This interesting infographic can help you understand the various chemical and natural treatments available for skin whitening. The best part is you learn some smart tips to make use the skin whitening herbs into DIY facials masks.

Skin lightening infographic

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