Some tips for the selection of best Bath Soap

July 10, 2015 / Renee

So you’re health conscious?

Got your regular checkup done, eat right, use the right products, etc.

Wait, did you just say right products?

Well be a bit skeptic there, your product is nothing less than a chemical endorsement.

Do you even bother to read the ingredients listed on the daily products you use?


Then you are one of those consumers who don’t bother at all and go by the brands integrity.

You need to think again!

Your very bathing soap could be a big health concern for you.

Thinking how?

The answer lies in this explanation.

Most households use antibacterial, antifungal, or antimicrobial soap to wash hand. You might be using them in combination, but that is not the point of concern here, what we are discussing is the chemical base used in these body soap. Ever heard of Triclosan and its implication on health, probably no.

Yes, it is this chemical that could instigate unknown health issues in your body.

For your information, Triclosan has been registered as a pesticide by United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Triclosan – Tops health Issues It Generates

1) Suspected to cause cancer in humans.

2) Skin irritation though mild, yet becomes significant sometimes.

3) Being a pesticide it enters the body and then into the food chain, where its concentration keeps increasing.

4) It can very well interfere with your body hormones

5) Is connected to causing respiratory allergies

6) High amount of Triclosan traces have been found in wastewater drains as it does not get removed by filtration as it stays, hint environmental concerns too.

Though Triclosan has strong antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics, yet its use as daily bath soap or hand wash is questionable. Prevention is the best cure” – adhering to this theory you would require an alternative to your daily basic need.

The solution lies in Defense soap a Triclosan free all natural soap.

Composed of ingredients like Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil, you are benefitting right from the natures best antibacterial resources. No Triclosan soap would mean you are free from the health scare and possible chemical hazards posed.

Give your kids and family a reliable source to one of the most used basic needs.

Benefits of Defense Soap

Its rich ingredients provide a strong resistance and protection against most persistence infections like MRSA, impetigo, ringworm, jock itch. Its natural base does not build antibacterial resistance and is safe for all skin type.

Putting this point in limelight, it is important to note that it will not induce any allergies or rashes.

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