Dry Brushing Skin Massage and Exfoliation

July 13, 2015 / Renee

Is your aging skin becoming rough and dry?

Naturally as we age it becomes more difficult for our skin to produce protective fibrous proteins or retain moisture, and our skin begins to become rough and dry from the natural process of uneven skin erosion.

The process of dry brush exfoliation removes the rough and dry outer layer of skin to reveal new younger skin.

Dry brushing helps your skin by uncloging pores alowing your skin to breath, thus increasing your skins ability to absorb vital nutrients and flush out harmful toxins – this helps increase your skins ability to begin producing more new skin cells.

This practice of massaging and exfoliating the skin will help improve your skins health and overall appearance.

In addition to exfoliating your dead skin cells and removing barriers to toxin excretion, dry brushing is also wonderful for lymph vessels and capillaries.

Dry brushing should be done using strokes that go towards the heart, aiding in the body’s blood circulation.

This is why many dry brushing enthusiasts feel so refreshed and invigorated after a brushing session, because their circulation improves.

Starting out gently is advised and then as you get used to the practice you can brush more vigorously.

Dry brushing also massages the lymph nodes and gets them functioning as well. Our lymph nodes are responsible for filtering and removing invading organisms and abnormal cells as part of our immune system.

Massaging them to encourage better functionality can have a big impact on our health and our ability to keep from getting sick.

Dry Brush Selection

You will need to select a good brush that will gently brush and massage your skin. A good dry brush for exfoliation and massaging can run anywhere from a few dollars upwards too $250 for electric brushes like the CLARISONIC Plus.

Brushes with long handles are the best since you will be exfoliating all of your body including hard to reach places like your back.

Dry Brushing Easy Steps

Dry brush exfoliation involves taking a soft bristled brush, similar to what you use on your hair except with a long handle, and brushing it across your whole body in a massage like fashion. There are also special gloves that can be used to dry brush.

The best time to dry brush is usually before you shower and while your skin is dry (hence dry brushing).

Our bodies form a new top layer of skin every 24 hours or so.

Dry brushing helps to shred off the skin’s topmost layer allowing the softer, smoother, skin below to surface and breath.

Follow these easy steps:

  1. Make sure your skin is dry and stand in shower with water off.
  2. Starting with your feet use small gentle circular movements and brush upwards moving towards your heart. Make sure to avoid any skin sores, open wounds or rashes.
  3. Brush one leg at a time gently moving upwards in small circular movements. Avoid sensitive places like your genitalia.
  4. Once you have completed both legs, brush the fingertips of each arm. Again small cirular movements and brush up your arms towards your heart.
  5. Begin brushing your lower back and brush towards your stomach. Then brush upwards towards your heart.
  6. Starting at your stomach brush upwards towards your heart. Avoid sensitive areas like your breast or nipples.
  7. When finished shower as normal.

Dry Brushing Tips

  • Start out softly at first to avoid soreness and gradually apply more pressure over time.
  • Be careful not to brush over open wounds and cuts or rashes.
  • Use brush strokes that go towards the heart. The exception to this is when you are brushing over the stomach, when you should brush in a clockwise fashion to aid digestion.
  • Wash your dry brush after every use to wash off dead skin cells.
  • Brush when the skin is dry and then shower afterwards to wash off any remaining dead skin cells.
  • Use natural bristles if possible and brushes made with sustainable materials such as ethically harvested wood or bamboo.
  • If your skin is dry, rub in natural oils like Jojoba afterwards. It will soften the skin and it won’t clog pores.
  • Brush once or twice a week for best results.

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