How to choose the right skincare product for every season

August 18, 2017 / Renee

We all know that committing to a skincare routine isn’t as naïve as it may look. While a range of products is indeed available at every corner, it takes a skillful eye and a knowledgeable expert to actually pick and choose the product that agrees with our skin type and the end goal we’re looking to achieve.

Naturally, another factor that plays a role is the time of year. Each season of the year demands a different kind of product, which is why we need to be extra careful in picking out our cosmetics – otherwise we may end up with a counter-effect of what we were initially aiming for.

Regardless of you looking for a quick fix that’ll tighten the skin, erase wrinkles, treat acne or reduce the signs of aging, these days there is a crème for everything (and we’re happy it is so)! However, the beauty aisle can be pretty overwhelming sometimes; products are often heavily overpriced and not as effective as they claim to be. This is precisely why you need to be the consumer who knows what they are looking for. The starting point of every successfully product-picking is to research the product’s ingredients and see what works best for your specific skin type.

Rely on the following tips that’ll work for you, every season:

The winter months

The cold weather and lack of moisture can cause chapping, cracking and irritation, which is why you need to keep your skin coated in as many layers of clothes as possible. Furthermore, you want to cover up (and use sunscreen!) to avoid serious sunburns and skin conditions such as eczema, that the combination of the winter wind and sun can cause. To protect your hands, wear gloves, as they help eliminate cracked and splitting cuticles and nails, while protecting the very thin skin on your hands. And the most important tip for winter? Moisturize! After a bath or shower, apply moisturizer directly on the skin to help seal in moisture and replenish it with the necessary water and oils.

The autumn months

Skin tends to lose precious moisture as the dry, colder air arrives, which is why you need to invest in proper care. The good thing about autumn though is that it provides an opportunity for the skin to recover from the summer sun, chlorine and saltwater.

To help your skin recover, exfoliate and moisturize! Switch from lotion to cream as the skin needs a thicker moisturizer with the air getting drier. Note that creams provide a stronger oily barrier, to provide hydration. Don’t forget to invest in a good hand cream too, as the hands need moisturizing against the harsh weather.

The spring months

When the weather finally warms up, that doesn’t mean leaving all skincare aside, no! This is precisely when you should make a few smart moves and help your skin recover. Depending on the pigment of your skin, make sure you find the right SPF. For example, your skin is more sensitive to UV rays if you are fair-skinned and have freckles. Go see your dermatologist to be absolutely sure you are choosing the right care.

The summer months

We understand the drive to look olive-tanned, especially if you are fair skinned. Still, remember that a tan means the skin has already been damaged and that your one job at this point is to prevent it from getting even more hurt.

No matter what skin type you have, always wear sunscreen containing at least SPF 30. Rely on intensive body therapy creams to protect and repair the skin from damage and make sure you are diligent about your routines. The great news is that you can find amazing products at a discount chemist online, even when you don’t have the time to go shopping. The fact that it’s warm doesn’t mean you should be wearing protective clothes any longer. If anything, this is the time to turn to unbleached cotton or tightly woven T-shirts or shorts, in addition to wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses, of course.

Be smart about your skin as the way you nurture it now will show (literally!) later on!

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