Why the New Year is the perfect time to step up our skincare habits?

September 19, 2017 / Renee
new year skincare habits

2017 has finally arrived, which means now is the perfect time to make some New Year resolutions and take better care of your skin. In case you haven’t had time last year to purchase quality products, or make appointments to the salon to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin, don’t worry. It’s a new year, so this is your chance to start from the beginning and take better care of your body. Too many people make resolutions on December 31st and forget about them by January 15th. Don’t be one of them! Step out of your comfort zone and read on to find out why the New Year is the best time to make new plans.

Redefine yourself

Ending a year and starting a new one make people feel in control. It is that time of the year when we feel empowered and motivated to ditch bad habits and improve our lifestyles. When it comes to skincare, the New Year marks a new beginning. Commit to drinking more water to hydrate your skin, and begin a strict regime on January 1st. If you can do it for more than two weeks, you’ll see results and you’ll have proof that hydration really works miracles for your complexion.

The New Year is an opportunity to assess our priorities

Contrary to popular belief, making New Year resolutions does help people assess their priorities. However, try not to set goals that are too high and take things step by step. For example, you can begin buying beauty products that are organic. Even though these have a shorter expiration period, they’re worth it. Your skin will receive all the vitamins and nutrients necessary to look flawless inside out. Today’s modern woman is a lot more self-conscious when it comes to comes to her skin. This year you get to start fresh. Assess your priorities and reboot your skin with the best beauty products. Go organic!

Setting new goals

Many people use the New Year celebration to set new goals, think about their lives and put the past behind. It’s difficult to give up your favorite moisturizer, and even though it’s not that good for your skin, you still use it because it smells incredible. But it doesn’t benefit your body. For this 2017, it’s time to be more open-minded. Set new goals and commit to taking better care of yourself. Make time for you and try as hard as you can to give up old habits. We know you may crave a cigarette right now, but think about your skin. It hates tobacco!


A new beginning for your skin

When it comes to skincare, we all make mistakes. We don’t drink enough water, we don’t cleanse properly, and sometimes we use products that do more harm than good to our complexion. Don’t you think your face needs a reboot for this 2017? Sure, you do. It might be difficult to throw away all your beauty products, but you have to do it. Start fresh and be ready for a new beginning. It’s time to give your skin the treatment that it deserves.

A perfect excuse for a complete skin rejuvenation

As human beings we need time to get out of our comfort zones and make a change in our lives. The New Year is the perfect excuse to make resolutions and plan changes that might actually change your life. However, if you want results you need to commit. Dedicate 2017 to your skin and start a complete skin rejuvenation process. Whether you decide to go to the salon or make your own beauty products at home, the key is to settle on a goal and stick with it.


For example, you can begin by making your own moisturizing and cleaning skin lotions. Use common ingredients such as olive oil, honey, sugar, and eggs. Or, get to know more about the most recent products. Check a starflower oil review and see what this product is all about. We’ve heard the ingredient in the oil are extremely healing and nourishing to the skin. It might actually fix imperfections you’ve been dealing with for ages.

Bottom line is, it’s easy to make resolutions. The real challenge comes when it’s time to put those resolutions into practice. You can do it, all you have to do it try!


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