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Unleashing the Secrets of Radiant, Glowing Skin with Natural Oils

Radiant glowing skin

Do you want to know the secret to radiant glowing skin?

The changing trends in beauty and health care have lead to people placing their entire trust on the efficacy of natural and organic ingredients. More and more women these days are realizing the importance of natural ingredients for skin care.

Natural ingredients comprise of medicines derived from plants, particularly essential oils.

Since time immemorial, essential oils have been known to cure several skin problems, enhance beauty and improve overall wellness.

Essential oils have great healing effects and help renew skin that has suffered serious injuries due to accidents.

Scarring as a result of wounds can be completely cured with the help of essential oils.

The use of Essential Oils for Skin Treatments is Known as Aromatherapy

This skin treatment is beneficial in maintaining skin health and keeping it youthful forever. By opting for aromatherapy, you can look forward to having a healthy and beautiful skin. The essential oils used in this kind of skin treatment have a lasting effect on the skin.

These oils get completely soaked up into the skin prior to reaching the bloodstream.

So what oils should you use?

Use the Following Essential Oils to Give Your Skin that Youthful Glow

Go for a massage with these:

Carrot Seed Essential Oil – An excellent source of beta-carotene, this oil helps nourish skin, giving it a youthful appearance. Due to its ability to stimulate skin elasticity, you will find this essential oil in majority skin care products.
Best For: Inflammation, large pores, psoriasis, skin regeneration and scars.

German Chamomile Oil – Well known for its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, this oil has been used by most people desirous of smooth skin. If you suffer from sunburns, you can apply this oil to soothe skin.
Best For: Acne, sensitive skin, dry skin, blemishes and rosacea.

Lavender Essential Oil – Whether you are suffering from minor burns or bee stings, you can choose to apply lavender oil around the affected area to cure it completely. You can use this oil for every skin type and the fragrance of lavender is sure to enliven your spirits.
Best for: Acne sufferers, those having cracked skin, dry skin and suffering from infections.

Lemongrass Oil – Want to get rid of sagging skin? Choose this essential oil that has mild astringent properties. All the wastes and toxins from the skin are removed with the help of lemongrass oil.
Best For: Cleansing, eliminating black heads, people having large pores and toning skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – One of the major reasons why this oil is used in most skin care products is because tea tree essential oil has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. This oil is the best cure for people battling acne and those who have oily skin. Tea tree oil can easily cure herpes simplex virus.
Best For: Acne, treating skin infections, eliminating blemishes, psoriasis and revitalizing skin.

Author bio
Jenny Williams is an avid blogger and Dermatologist by Profession.Jenny writes about beautifying skin through aroma therapy and best anti aging cream. She regularly contributes to health related websites, blogs and magazines covering skin care, and health. She loves trying out  She is also passionate about reading fiction and traveling. Jenny sees herself as a successful fiction writer in the near future.

Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Can Cause Skin Break Outs


Mineral makeup has been the answer many women have been looking for when it comes to looking completely natural and covering imperfections in their skin at the same time.

It’s taken the cosmetic market by storm it seems!

Are mineral makeup products the best choice for someone with sensitive skin?

The answer is both yes and no, but it depends on the ingredients in the specific product.  Unfortunately, the companies manufacturing makeup, including the mineral brands, are not regulated and so can add pretty much any ingredient they want and still mark it hypoallergenic and safe for the skin.

What Ingredients in Mineral Makeup Can Cause Irritation?

Women with sensitive skin are constantly looking for the newest and best facial care and makeup options because so many of the products on the market today cause their skin to turn red, itch, or otherwise break out.

Mineral foundations and concealers seemed to promise excellent results for sensitive skin because they contain natural minerals.  Sadly, some people who tried them were disappointed when their skin had an adverse reaction.

The truth is that even these so-called natural mineral products contain ingredients that are irritants to sensitive skin.

What ingredients should you avoid?

  • Parabens or paraben preservatives – potential cancer-causing ingredient and especially irritating to those who suffer with rosacea
  • Nanoparticles – tiny particles in mineral makeup that are harmful to the environment, animals, and to us
  • Bismuth Oxychloride – labeled as an irritant to the eyes, lungs, and skin and yet it’s still added to makeup to help the product stay on the skin and look natural
  • BHT or Butylated Hydroxtoluene – irritant to the lungs, eyes, and skin and could potentially cause harm to the immune system
  • Fragrance – synthetically derived and therefore a danger to skin and the body
  • Alumina – categorized as a toxin, but added to makeup to keep the product from clumping
  • Carmine – a pigment derived from insects that can be an irritant to the skin

Have you experienced acne breakouts, red skin, itchy skin, or the development of pustules on your skin after using mineral makeup?

The cosmetic brand you used may have contained one or more of the ingredients listed above.

Bismuth Oxychloride is found in some of the best brands of makeup, but should be avoided by anyone with sensitive skin.

It’s extremely irritating to the skin.

Additional Ingredients to Look For

Zinc oxide, titanium oxide, and mica are three more ingredients that could potentially be irritating to sensitive skin.  These substances may not affect sensitive skin in some people, but will affect others.  It’s wise to keep an eye on the ingredients of even the highest rated makeup that contains minerals.

What Mineral Makeup is Safe?

There are good ones out there – you just have to read their ingredient list to make sure none of the ones listed above are in their product.  Don’t be misled by the marketing hype associated with a lot of mineral makeup products!

Take a list of these ingredients with you and read the labels before purchasing any makeup or health and beauty item.

It is possible to wear minerals on your skin and not experience adverse side effects!


Author Bio:

MRochell is the creator of MySensitiveSkinCare.com which offers a free eBook on safe, natural solutions to rosacea, best mineral makeup and other chronic skin problems.

Scary facts about permanent skin damage: acne scars

Whenever you see a blackhead, whitehead or a pimple right on your nose or cheek you have the urge to simple scrape, pick or rub it till it leaves a red mark on your face. Usually when you do that, a few weeks later you see the pimple reappear out of nowhere. This kind of a problem is not uncommon, if you suffer from acne you only make things worse by touching or picking on it. However the worst part is the mark it leaves behind in the form of acne scars. Generally the damage done is permanent unless you opt for laser surgery or any radical treatment. Acne scarring can leave ugly marks all over your skin and no amount of foundation can hide it unless you do something about it.

Instead of putting yourself through so much just avoid it altogether and go for treatment so that aside from preventing acne scarring you can reduce the likelihood of the acne reappearing. In certain cases acne scars are left behind even when you don’t touch the affected areas. This will usually be the case if you are suffering from painful severe or mild acne, particularly acne conglobata and acne fulminans. This usually happens because the skin tissue is basically damaged. According to skin specialists’ people suffering from acne tend to suffer from acne scarring and it is harder to treat older scars than new ones.

Remedies to prevent acne scarring for good
When the damage is done people generally go for laser surgery or light therapy. A better option is to avoid getting scars in the first place. Stop using comedogenic, perfumed and chemical based soaps and skin care products that damage your skin and induce acne. You can always go for oil free products which are mineral based to ensure oil free pores and skin free of dirt and bacteria. Aside from that if you do develop acne scars try medicated acne scar creams which can abate and reduce scarring over time. For the treatment to be effective you must take constant care of your skin.

Some home remedies that are well known for improving acne and reducing scars include aloe vera juices or gel and lavender oil that hold numerous healing and repairing properties that can help abate the scarring.

Treatment with Dermatologists
If your acne is painful and the scarring does not get better, it is advisable that you go to a skin specialist who can identify your skin condition and prescribe relevant treatment that will help improve the acne scars.

A better way to solve your dilemma is to work on your health, hygiene and skin yourself which will make the likelihood of acne development far less likely. The good part is that this way even if you suffer from acne scarring they will be less severe and easily treatable.

About the author:
Helen has been an expert in skin health writing specifically on the subject of acne. Her work has been published on various websites and magazines.

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