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Reasons Why Mineral Makeup Can Cause Skin Break Outs


Mineral makeup has been the answer many women have been looking for when it comes to looking completely natural and covering imperfections in their skin at the same time.

It’s taken the cosmetic market by storm it seems!

Are mineral makeup products the best choice for someone with sensitive skin?

The answer is both yes and no, but it depends on the ingredients in the specific product.  Unfortunately, the companies manufacturing makeup, including the mineral brands, are not regulated and so can add pretty much any ingredient they want and still mark it hypoallergenic and safe for the skin.

What Ingredients in Mineral Makeup Can Cause Irritation?

Women with sensitive skin are constantly looking for the newest and best facial care and makeup options because so many of the products on the market today cause their skin to turn red, itch, or otherwise break out.

Mineral foundations and concealers seemed to promise excellent results for sensitive skin because they contain natural minerals.  Sadly, some people who tried them were disappointed when their skin had an adverse reaction.

The truth is that even these so-called natural mineral products contain ingredients that are irritants to sensitive skin.

What ingredients should you avoid?

  • Parabens or paraben preservatives – potential cancer-causing ingredient and especially irritating to those who suffer with rosacea
  • Nanoparticles – tiny particles in mineral makeup that are harmful to the environment, animals, and to us
  • Bismuth Oxychloride – labeled as an irritant to the eyes, lungs, and skin and yet it’s still added to makeup to help the product stay on the skin and look natural
  • BHT or Butylated Hydroxtoluene – irritant to the lungs, eyes, and skin and could potentially cause harm to the immune system
  • Fragrance – synthetically derived and therefore a danger to skin and the body
  • Alumina – categorized as a toxin, but added to makeup to keep the product from clumping
  • Carmine – a pigment derived from insects that can be an irritant to the skin

Have you experienced acne breakouts, red skin, itchy skin, or the development of pustules on your skin after using mineral makeup?

The cosmetic brand you used may have contained one or more of the ingredients listed above.

Bismuth Oxychloride is found in some of the best brands of makeup, but should be avoided by anyone with sensitive skin.

It’s extremely irritating to the skin.

Additional Ingredients to Look For

Zinc oxide, titanium oxide, and mica are three more ingredients that could potentially be irritating to sensitive skin.  These substances may not affect sensitive skin in some people, but will affect others.  It’s wise to keep an eye on the ingredients of even the highest rated makeup that contains minerals.

What Mineral Makeup is Safe?

There are good ones out there – you just have to read their ingredient list to make sure none of the ones listed above are in their product.  Don’t be misled by the marketing hype associated with a lot of mineral makeup products!

Take a list of these ingredients with you and read the labels before purchasing any makeup or health and beauty item.

It is possible to wear minerals on your skin and not experience adverse side effects!


Author Bio:

MRochell is the creator of MySensitiveSkinCare.com which offers a free eBook on safe, natural solutions to rosacea, best mineral makeup and other chronic skin problems.

5 Beauty Myths: Busted!

#1 If you rub your eyes, you’ll get wrinkles
Don’t worry; you will not get crow’s-feet just from rubbing your eyes when you’re sleepy. However, it is the combination or gravity and repeatedly moving facial muscles- as when we laugh or frown- what can break down the collagen in our skin creating wrinkles over time. In any case, today you can use effective anti aging treatments that will help you delay this process.

#2 100 hair strokes a day will make it shiny
The 2004 book “One Hundred Strokes of the Brush Before Bed” by Melissa Panarello might be a good one, but it’s not recommended to follow this piece of advice. One hundred strokes is too much, and you’ll end up doing more harm than good, as hair breaks. Still, it is advisable to brush it gently, as by stroking it a few times here and there you’ll be distributing the natural oils your scalp produces. Besides, soft brushes helps get rid of impurities in addition to stimulating blood flow.

#3 If you pluck a gray hair, 10 more will grow where it was
We don’t know who invented this story, but he or she was actually very cruel. Besides it doesn’t matter if your hair is grey, black, brown, red or blonde…how can a person get ten new hair follicles from merely plucking one? If we think it through, this myth never made sense. If you are concerned about gray hair, just see a colorist.

#4 In summer, hair grows faster than in winter
There is no real evidence to support this myth. Although many women say that their hair grows faster in summer, the difference –if any- is hardly noticeable. However, if you live in a cold climate, there could be a little more breakage than if you live in a warm weather, which could be a possible explanation of what happens. Yet, women may experience faster hair growth during pregnancy, due to an increase in the hormone level.

#5 Varicose veins is caused by crossing your legs
It is actually caused by many different factors –for instance, standing- but you will not get it from sitting down. The truth is that people who get pronounced veins generally have a genetic predisposition to them, or jobs that require them to stand most of the time. To avoid getting varicose veins, there are a few things you can do, starting from exercising. Riding a bicycle or an exercise bike keeps your legs in motion triggering blood flow and therefore avoiding pressure on the circulatory system. Secondly, it is important to avoid standing for long periods of time. If you are required to do so for working reasons, make sure you walk around every thirty minutes or so. Last but not least, keep your weight down. If you carry around a significant amount of weight, you’ll be putting a lot of pressure on your legs, which could harm the veins within them. A steady, healthy weight will prevent you from getting varicose veins.

Ivana is a freelance writer and represents  www.juvedermultra.co.uk. She likes to write about beauty and skin health , through articles try to provide beauty tips, tricks and advices.

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