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Anti Aging Foods and Ingredients


Here are some great foods for your anti-aging diet and skin care routine.


Beets – Beets are an anti-aging super food. Beet roots contain powerful anti-oxidants and they have a red pigment that makes them a great ingredient for making liquid blushes and lip color. You can’t get make-up more natural than that! Beets are also a great multi-vitamins, lower blood pressure,  boost stamina and cleanse your liver.

Honey – Not only is it a tasty and healthy sweetener, it is good for your skin. Honey is great for skin rashes and dry spots. It is especially yummy to use in lip balms for dry and chapped lips. Honey can even be use on wounds because of its natural anti-bacterial qualities so it can aid in healing your skin as well. It makes a great healing, facial mask that you can apply as is or add to a homemade cream.

Baking Soda
Recent discovery made that consuming a small amount of baking soda daily can prevent premature aging.
Baking soda is a versatile ingredient and can be used to make anti-bacterial facial scrubs. It is safe and mildly abrasive making it a good cleanser for all skin types and acne prone skin. Baking soda is also great for your teeth and is found in alot of common toothpastes.

Ginger – This flavorful staple of Chinese cuisine has analgesic and anti-bacterial properties. It promotes good circulation and is a good ingredient in creams and shampoos. It also smells heavenly.

Lavender – This herb is wonderfully soothing to inflamed and acne prone skin because it is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is commonly diluted in rose water or witch hazel to make an astringent for the face. It also repels bug and soothes insect bites and even helps you get to sleep.

Milk – This ingredient is commonly used in baths to soothe and exfoliate. The lactic acid in milk helps to slough off dead skin cells so that new ones can emerge. Milk can also be used to make facial masks as well.

Carrots – Carrots are very high in vitamin A and are a source of vitamin C, folacin and potassium. Just cook them lightly and blend with a bit of honey to make a great facial mask.

Oats– They are more than just breakfast food. Oats can be very soothing and anti-inflammatory and make great additions to a baths perhaps after a bad sunburn.

Green Tea – This powerful tea has long been held in high esteem for its healing properties. It has a soothing and calming affect on skin and is a wonderful ingredient for sunscreens, moisturizers, and toners. It is especially helpful for rosacea and acne.

Fruits And Vegetables
Probably the best foods you can eat are fruits and vegetables.  They are loaded with vitamins and minerals and, when eaten raw, have powerful enzymes that actually help your body with the digestion process – leaving more energy for you to use on other things.Fruits and vegetables are also loaded with antioxidants which fight of free radicals.  Free radicals actually play a major role in aging and are thought the be major contributors to disease so the more of them you can fight off, the healthier and younger looking you will be!Fruits and vegetables are considered as natures healing foods, as they prevent us from harmful compounds by removing waste and cleanse our body cells.

Essential Fatty Acids
Fatty acids might not sound like something that are good for you, but they are.  The Omega-3 fatty acids in particular are essential for keeping your cell membranes “fluid” which helps with a host of body functions not the least of which is younger looking skin.  You can get these essential fatty acids from cold water fish like salmon and tuna, flax seed oil and walnuts.

Fiber is key to keeping your digestive process working and it can also help keep your cholesterol levels in check. While this might not do a lot for your outer appearance, it can do a whole heck of a lot for your insides and this in turn will help keep you vibrant and youthful.It’s especially important to get enough to keep your bowel movements regular, after all, who can look energetic and youthful when they are constipated?  Fiber can be found in whole grains, black beans, pears, prunes and apples.When buying whole wheat breads, don’t be fooled by the words “whole wheat” on the label, look at the ingredients and make sure the very first one is whole wheat or whole grains.  Otherwise, you are not getting a full whole wheat product.

Finally, the last of the anti aging foods I want to talk about isn’t really a food at all – it’s water.  Plain and simple water.  You need to drink plenty of it to keep you hydrated.  This not only helps with the inner functions of your body but will also help your skin and hair look younger

These anti aging foods slow the aging process from the inside. Check out great recipes to take care of your skin on the outside in the highly recommended Naturally Skinsational eBook.

Go ahead, Eat the Fries but Still Stay Thin


Would you like to eat fries and stay thin?

A too strict diet can come back to haunt you in a bad way.

There are cases when people who had been depriving themselves with the good stuff like cake ends up eating the whole lot instead of just a slice. Allowing yourself to eat the things that give you pleasure in moderation is the key to maintaining your healthy diet.

But what is a moderate eating?

For a foodie, a large order of fries every week will sound fair.  The gym rat will say a small order with no condiments like mayonnaise once every three months would suffice.

Who is making the right choice?

Both of them are…

Remember, it is all about making the right choices for yourself.

Always choose the one you love the most.

  • If you love pizza, skip the milk shake.
  • If you want the cheeseburger, do it without the soda and fries.
  • If you want the cake, let go of the sloppy joe.

Balance these indulgences with exercise and healthy diet.

Tips on How to Enjoy Food without the Guilt

Just remember the following:

  1. If have issues on health or overweight, talk to your doctor first before you undergo any diet or exercise.
  2. It is important that you also know your ideal weight and you do some exercise.  Otherwise, the food you eat will not be a reward but the bane of your existence in the future.
  3. Do not be afraid to carry a diary of food with you at all times.  It will help you keep track of what you ate the whole week.  It will also remind you to not over indulge. It will make you consider how you would balance an indulgence with a healthy meal.

Decadence that you can allow yourself to enjoy

  • French Fries – A potato dipped in oil is no longer a vegetable so this is best paired with a salad.  It does taste good especially when it still hot and crispy. But have you noticed how it does not taste as great if you do not eat it as soon as you placed it on the table? The solution:  order just small share to enjoy.
  • Cheeseburger – Sure you can treat yourself to a piece—once a week.  If you have been eating healthy the whole week, this would be a nice prize for a job well done.  If you can grill your own, choose a turkey patty to reduce some of the guilt.
  • Bacon – Four slices of sizzling pork bacon would be great on a weekend.  Just make sure that you reduce your intake of salt six days before and after your treat day.
  • Ice cream – If you are having a hard time resisting this cold treat, then grab a cup of vanilla flavored ones. Another nicer option is frozen yogurt.  There are a lot of brands out there with great flavors.  You can even add up some strawberries, banana, almonds, or walnuts into the mix.


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