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Lashovée Graduate in style

Graduate in style

In some parts of the globe, graduation is on March while others do the commencement ceremonies in May or June.  Even when there is a difference in the month of ending the school year, seniors in any parts of the globe want the same thing: to look good while graduating.

One way of doing that is to grow lashes now.

Think about it, it is quite common to obsess about the looks on that one day.  It is the day when the seniors will take a lot of photos with their peers, their family, or yes, even their teachers.  Some of the photos will be hanged on the wall or displayed on the mantelpiece.

Is it not normal to do your best to look good?

Another way of doing that is improving the state of your eyelashes.  Eyelashes are the crowning glory of the eyes. They make the eyes pop and prettier.

If you use shampoo and conditioner for your hair, then maybe it is time to consider a lash conditioner.

Pictures should be perfect

Getting a perfect shot entails a lot of details.  The photographer should get the right angle, the light should hit you on the right spot, and the background should be perfect.  However, all photographers will tell you that if you do not look good in person, you will not look good in photos.

People are usually drawn to the eyes so it is only natural to use strategies to make your eyelashes thicker and fuller.  While you can use tactics such as mascaras, false eyelashes, and eyelashes extensions, you can do better by using products that grow lashes.

Lashovée is one such product.  It is from one of the powerhouse brand of Lora Vay from Paris.  It is an intensive lash conditioner that moisturizes and makes eyelashes grow thicker and longer in as short as two weeks.

It has been clinically proven that Lashovée is not only effective but also safe.  It is non-irritating and hypo allergenic.  It is safe to put on the skin of a girl or a boy in their senior year.

Will fit right in the schedule

The final year is probably one of the busiest, if not already, year of student.  There are papers to submit, deadlines to meet, and parties to go to.  It is for this reason that the products that grow lashes should be free of any hassle to put on.

Thankfully, Lashovée is just that.  It can be applied at night like you would an eyeliner. Leave it on while you study or party and the next morning wash it off to remove the residue.  Washing the face is something that should be done all the time whether the product you put on is as safe as Lashovée.

Residues can be a source of build up and breakouts.

You do not want that on your senior year.


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