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Anti Aging Foods and Ingredients


Here are some great foods for your anti-aging diet and skin care routine.


Beets – Beets are an anti-aging super food. Beet roots contain powerful anti-oxidants and they have a red pigment that makes them a great ingredient for making liquid blushes and lip color. You can’t get make-up more natural than that! Beets are also a great multi-vitamins, lower blood pressure,  boost stamina and cleanse your liver.

Honey – Not only is it a tasty and healthy sweetener, it is good for your skin. Honey is great for skin rashes and dry spots. It is especially yummy to use in lip balms for dry and chapped lips. Honey can even be use on wounds because of its natural anti-bacterial qualities so it can aid in healing your skin as well. It makes a great healing, facial mask that you can apply as is or add to a homemade cream.

Baking Soda
Recent discovery made that consuming a small amount of baking soda daily can prevent premature aging.
Baking soda is a versatile ingredient and can be used to make anti-bacterial facial scrubs. It is safe and mildly abrasive making it a good cleanser for all skin types and acne prone skin. Baking soda is also great for your teeth and is found in alot of common toothpastes.

Ginger – This flavorful staple of Chinese cuisine has analgesic and anti-bacterial properties. It promotes good circulation and is a good ingredient in creams and shampoos. It also smells heavenly.

Lavender – This herb is wonderfully soothing to inflamed and acne prone skin because it is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It is commonly diluted in rose water or witch hazel to make an astringent for the face. It also repels bug and soothes insect bites and even helps you get to sleep.

Milk – This ingredient is commonly used in baths to soothe and exfoliate. The lactic acid in milk helps to slough off dead skin cells so that new ones can emerge. Milk can also be used to make facial masks as well.

Carrots – Carrots are very high in vitamin A and are a source of vitamin C, folacin and potassium. Just cook them lightly and blend with a bit of honey to make a great facial mask.

Oats– They are more than just breakfast food. Oats can be very soothing and anti-inflammatory and make great additions to a baths perhaps after a bad sunburn.

Green Tea – This powerful tea has long been held in high esteem for its healing properties. It has a soothing and calming affect on skin and is a wonderful ingredient for sunscreens, moisturizers, and toners. It is especially helpful for rosacea and acne.

Fruits And Vegetables
Probably the best foods you can eat are fruits and vegetables.  They are loaded with vitamins and minerals and, when eaten raw, have powerful enzymes that actually help your body with the digestion process – leaving more energy for you to use on other things.Fruits and vegetables are also loaded with antioxidants which fight of free radicals.  Free radicals actually play a major role in aging and are thought the be major contributors to disease so the more of them you can fight off, the healthier and younger looking you will be!Fruits and vegetables are considered as natures healing foods, as they prevent us from harmful compounds by removing waste and cleanse our body cells.

Essential Fatty Acids
Fatty acids might not sound like something that are good for you, but they are.  The Omega-3 fatty acids in particular are essential for keeping your cell membranes “fluid” which helps with a host of body functions not the least of which is younger looking skin.  You can get these essential fatty acids from cold water fish like salmon and tuna, flax seed oil and walnuts.

Fiber is key to keeping your digestive process working and it can also help keep your cholesterol levels in check. While this might not do a lot for your outer appearance, it can do a whole heck of a lot for your insides and this in turn will help keep you vibrant and youthful.It’s especially important to get enough to keep your bowel movements regular, after all, who can look energetic and youthful when they are constipated?  Fiber can be found in whole grains, black beans, pears, prunes and apples.When buying whole wheat breads, don’t be fooled by the words “whole wheat” on the label, look at the ingredients and make sure the very first one is whole wheat or whole grains.  Otherwise, you are not getting a full whole wheat product.

Finally, the last of the anti aging foods I want to talk about isn’t really a food at all – it’s water.  Plain and simple water.  You need to drink plenty of it to keep you hydrated.  This not only helps with the inner functions of your body but will also help your skin and hair look younger

These anti aging foods slow the aging process from the inside. Check out great recipes to take care of your skin on the outside in the highly recommended Naturally Skinsational eBook.

8 Hazardous Skin Care Myths Exposed


You must have heard these skin care mythical facts before.

  • Tanning dries out acne.
  • Stress causes wrinkles.
  • An expensive product is usually better.

And to further lead us on, are the skin care products with their claims of instant results.

No matter, how promising and believable they sound;

The reality is far more shocking and in the pursuit of getting beautiful looking skin, we end up doing more harm than good.

We want to provide you with the right information and help you make better decisions.

So without further ado, here are the 8 Most Hazardous Skin Care Myths Exposed.

8 Most Revered Skin Care Myths Unveiled

#1 Tanning Booths that Don’t Contain UVB Rays are Safer

It is well known to all that tanning is harmful for the skin and can even cause skin cancer and premature aging. The claims of tanning booths of UVB free tanning readily assures us, but what about UVA rays? With the direct exposure, these rays penetrate deep within the skin and cause damage that can lead to premature appearance of wrinkle lines or development of the cancer causing cells.

 #2 Face Scrubbing Leads to Acne Free and Healthy Skin:

Scrubbing once in two months is indeed beneficial but scrubbing your face on a regular basis takes off some of the protective oils and barriers. The elimination of the moisture from the skin can lead to skin rashes or burns. Instead of the face scrubs, you can use gentle cleansers followed by an effective moisturizer.

 #3 More SPF Leads to Better Protection

There are two types of UV rays that harm skin. One is the UVA rays that penetrate deeper in the skin and cause tanning. And the other one is UVB rays that causes skin burns and can even result in skin pigmentation or the development of the cancer cells. The sunscreens available in the markets can provide protection from one or both type of the rays. Apparently, the sunscreen with larger spectrum covers both the rays. Thus, choose the SPF according to the amount you have sun exposure. Using more or less than required SPF equally harms the skin.

#4 I Dont Need Sunscreen on a Cloudy Day

Clouds can reduce or increase UV levels but UV rays from the sun can penetrate through the clouds and reach your skin. Always make sure to use sunscreen with the proper SPF.

#5 If a Product doesn’t Show Instant Results, Move On

You need to use a product for at least 8 to 10 weeks to check its affect on your skin. The skin care effect for all the products is distinctive for different skin types. All the active ingredients does effect the skin, but on different level and intensity.

#6 Pimple Picking Leads to Scarring

If you do not pick deep, the occurrence of a permanent scar can be avoided. But upon picking a pimple what is more likely to happen is the discoloration of the skin which is much harder to cure. Instead go for the acne treatments like revitol acne treatment and have patience. These treatments may take time to cure acne but readily do that without any side-effects or permanent scars.

#7 Cold Water Rinses are Good for my Skin

The cold water closes all the skin pores. The hot water baths are best as it open the skin pores, thus allowing the skin to easily and sufficiently dissolve the applied moisturizer. Rinsing face with cold water does nothing else than making you cold.

#8 Regular Switching of Facial Soaps is Beneficial

Changing your skin care products would do nothing better than causing a hole in your wallet. It’s a myth that your skin gets acquainted with the ingredients of the products and stop responding to its positive effect. The only product that needs switching is the acne cream, only if your acne has progressed and you are still using a milder acne product.

10 simple anti-aging home remedies


Aging signs and symptoms are quite common as your age hits 30’s and above. Skin in general glows with suppleness and natural shine due to internal skin healthiness as they retain elasticity with the needful moist and oil contents. As you age your skin loses the retained moist content reducing the elastic nature leaving them dry, rough and lifeless. There are several external factors that affect ones skin health such as exposure to sunlight, winter season, daily stress, poor diet and lack of proper exercise.

Bring back the natural skin glow with good health including some internal healthy diet plans like fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrient stuffs. You can also make your skin glow with natural shine by working out with some special face exfoliating and moisturizing natural skin care products.

Here are some interesting trial home remedies that are simple and stress relieving that you can try of your own.

1. Remove skin wrinkles and keep skin soft

An oil massage is good for one’s skin as they provide good blood circulation to the skin underneath and keeps your skin oxidized and soft. Castor oil helps to remove wrinkles in skin.

2. Almond oil, pure coconut oil, ghee and olive oil

You can make use of almond oil, pure coconut oil, ghee and olive oil to massage your skin and leave off overnight. You can experience a fresh looking skin the next morning.

3. Pulp of Aloe Vera gel

Pulp of Aloe Vera gel can be applied to sooth your skin removing wrinkles, dryness in skin and acts as a healing property.

4. Antioxidant

Grated cucumber, papaya, apple are good for skin as they have a wonderful effect on skin with antioxidant property.

5. Help your tired looking eyes with honey

Honey is applied on skin helps to give your skin a supple effect and softness. Honey, is a good remedy for dry skin. It also removes tiredness and wrinkles around your eyes over night on continuous usage.

6. Get an early morning glow with almonds

Soak almonds in water over night, grind and apply the paste in the early morning for an instant glow.

7. Exfoliate for a natural looking glow

Mashed banana and Oatmeal paste can be used as an effective exfoliator that gives you a natural shine and glow instantly.

8. Take wrinkles out of your skin

Apply the paste of turmeric and sugarcane juice to take off the wrinkles out of your skin.

9. Natural looking glowing skin

Make a paste of rice flour, mashed papaya and lemon juice and apply on your face. Ash off after 20 min with luke warm water and pat dry. Repeat it once in a week for better natural glowing skin.

10. Cleanse and soften your skin

Mix a paste of basin powder, lemon juice and rose water and apply it for 15 min. wash off with cold water. This helps to remove skin tanning and makes your skin clean and soft.

Scary facts about permanent skin damage: acne scars

Whenever you see a blackhead, whitehead or a pimple right on your nose or cheek you have the urge to simple scrape, pick or rub it till it leaves a red mark on your face. Usually when you do that, a few weeks later you see the pimple reappear out of nowhere. This kind of a problem is not uncommon, if you suffer from acne you only make things worse by touching or picking on it. However the worst part is the mark it leaves behind in the form of acne scars. Generally the damage done is permanent unless you opt for laser surgery or any radical treatment. Acne scarring can leave ugly marks all over your skin and no amount of foundation can hide it unless you do something about it.

Instead of putting yourself through so much just avoid it altogether and go for treatment so that aside from preventing acne scarring you can reduce the likelihood of the acne reappearing. In certain cases acne scars are left behind even when you don’t touch the affected areas. This will usually be the case if you are suffering from painful severe or mild acne, particularly acne conglobata and acne fulminans. This usually happens because the skin tissue is basically damaged. According to skin specialists’ people suffering from acne tend to suffer from acne scarring and it is harder to treat older scars than new ones.

Remedies to prevent acne scarring for good
When the damage is done people generally go for laser surgery or light therapy. A better option is to avoid getting scars in the first place. Stop using comedogenic, perfumed and chemical based soaps and skin care products that damage your skin and induce acne. You can always go for oil free products which are mineral based to ensure oil free pores and skin free of dirt and bacteria. Aside from that if you do develop acne scars try medicated acne scar creams which can abate and reduce scarring over time. For the treatment to be effective you must take constant care of your skin.

Some home remedies that are well known for improving acne and reducing scars include aloe vera juices or gel and lavender oil that hold numerous healing and repairing properties that can help abate the scarring.

Treatment with Dermatologists
If your acne is painful and the scarring does not get better, it is advisable that you go to a skin specialist who can identify your skin condition and prescribe relevant treatment that will help improve the acne scars.

A better way to solve your dilemma is to work on your health, hygiene and skin yourself which will make the likelihood of acne development far less likely. The good part is that this way even if you suffer from acne scarring they will be less severe and easily treatable.

About the author:
Helen has been an expert in skin health writing specifically on the subject of acne. Her work has been published on various websites and magazines.

Winter Skin Care Naturally

Old man winter is just around the corner and for many of us this means problematic skin. If you’re like me and suffer from dry skin all of time, or your skin easily becomes chapped from being in the wind, then I’m sure you wish there was a cure.

Acutally there are many ways that you can care for your skin naturally, without having to purchase skin care products from your local drug store. Most likely you already have everything that you need right in your own home.

Here are some simple ways to care for your winter skin naturally:

Exfoliate:  Exfoliating old dead skin can help allow moisture which you need to get into your pores once you have ridden them of those dead, flaky skin cells.  To exfoliate you will need a physical agent like ground walnuts or apricot hulls, or an enzyme, which basically eats dead skin cells.  There are even foods that are rich in enzymes which you can use to create your own at home mask to use in the process of exfoliation.  These foods include pineapple and papaya. Milk also has fatty acids that mildly exfoliate. This is why the traditional milk bath has been so popular.

To create an easy inexpensive natural exfoliant, mix sea salt with olive oil. Smoothe in on in the tub and rub your skin gently, then rinse in the shower. You can do the same with sugar – great for your skin! Add a drop of your favorite essential oil to make it a spa treatment and relax you.

Proper Diet:  Yes, something that you already do on a regular basis if done correctly can change your skin. For example to help dry skin, include foods in your diet that are rich in fatty acids.  Some of these foods include salmon, olive and coconut oils, avocado, and nuts.  Incorporate these into your daily diet to see what a difference they can make. What may look like dry skin may even be eczema or a rash caused by food allergies, so be alert to that possibility too.

Make Your Own Treatments:  You can also make your own at home masks and treatments to treat other skin issues.  Some common combinations are oatmeal, honey and water to create a mask, or avocado and honey.  Smear these on your skin, allow to dry and then rinse them off.

A simple honey treatment to moisturize your skin and make it glow? Pat two drops of honey on your face after cleansing, while still damp. Your skin won’t be sticky with such a small amount.

Natural skin care is great for your skin and for your wallet, try adding these treatment ideas to your winter skin care routine.

Botox No More? LAVIV™

It’s estimated that over one million botox treatments are carried out per yer, but there’s a new kid on the block. Available now this new American product has just been granted a licence by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and is expected to rival its current predecessor.

LAVIV™ (azficel-T) developed by Fibrocell Science, uses your body’s own skin cells to treat the appearance of moderate to severe laughter lines and wrinkles in adults.

Skin cells called fibroblasts, responsible for collagen production, are extracted from behind the patient’s ear. The skin cell samples are then isolated and grown in a laboratory, creating your own personalized cell therapy product. Then your own living cells are injected into the middle layer of the problem area skin, thus improving the appearance of laughter lines (nasolabial folds). Treatment is administered in 3 seperate treatment sessions at an interval of 3 – 6 weeks and is expected to cost between $1,000 to $2,000 to create the personalized cell therapy product, and an additional $250 – $500 for each of the 3 seperate treatment sessions.

Clinical trial results were confirmed for a full six months. LAVIV™ is only avalialbe through dermatologists and plastic surgeons that have completed a Fibrocell-approved training program. Ask your doctor about LAVIV.

Interested in learning more about LAVIV and personalized cell therapy?
Visit http://www.mylaviv.com/

Simple Anti Aging Treatment Discovered – Maintaining Alkalinity


“Secret” You have got to read this and update your skin care routine now!

Dr. Paul Lynn, MD of San Franciso Preventive Medical Group (www.sfpmg.com) has recently announced his investigative findings that by using a common household item to maintain a state of metabolic alkalinity in
our bodies, we can prevent premature aging. The common household item is: baking soda.

Dr Lynn recently announced that by consuming small amounts of baking soda on a daily basis and keeping a constant state of alkalinity in our bodies will prevent premature aging.

Dr Lynn has 25 years experience in anti aging medicine and his findings are gaining further support by scientific research and clinical evidence.

Alkalinity in our bodies causes the health of the cell membranes to be maintained longer, thus alkalinity keeps our cells alive longer. While acidity in our bodies causes the cell membranes to break down faster and die prematurely. The resulting stress of our body working to replace the dieing cells at a faster rate, can be defined as premature aging.

Dr. Paul Lynn, MD advices the following to be added for a successful anti aging regimen.

“Baking soda (not baking powder) used daily, in low dosages is one of the most under-utilized, effective anti-aging treatments available,” advises Paul Lynn MD. “Use 1/3 tsp per day in a glass of water. Not more. Anytime is okay, but best after 3 PM. This is enough to restore an alkaline condition for the cells in most cases. Too much alkalinity can create another set of problems. If using the powder is uncomfortable, compressed baking soda tablets are available.”

“Alkalinity is an anti-aging “secret’ existing to all.” says Dr. Paul Lynn, MD of San Francisco Preventive Medical Group.

Other Uses of Baking Soda

Baking soda is a versatile ingredient and can be used to make anti-bacterial facial scrubs, used as a mildly abrasive clean cleanser for all skin types including acne prone skin, and is also great for brushing your teeth.

All Natural Honey Pedicure

Did you know stress can actually show up in our feet? Our feet are in need of some major pampering on a regular basis. This natural regime is the perfect remedy for removing some of those toxins, and giving your feet the attention they so much deserve.

Honey is used as an ingredient in each of the following steps. Be sure to look for honey that is locally produced and organic. (If you are vegan, you can leave out the honey or go for some organic agave nectar.)

All-natural detox:

  • 2 bags of black tea (look for fair-trade brands in stores)
  • Teaspoon of honey
  • Teaspoon of lemon
  • Bucket of warm/hot water

Soak your feet in the mixture for at least ten minutes. Be sure to use a pumice stone to remove dead skin. Proceed to the next step.

Foot scrub:

  • ½ cup of Hawaiian sea salt (or any sea salt will do)
  • Teaspoon of honey
  • Three tablespoons of coconut oil (or any oil)

After combining these ingredients, massage onto your feet, paying extra attention to achy spots. While you’re at it, massage into your hands as well. Rinse off with warm water.

Moisturizing salve:

  • A tablespoon or two of honey (look at the farmers markets for the best deals)
  • A teaspoon or two of coconut oil (sweet almond oil would as well)

Stir together the above ingredients in a bowl. Place the bowl in a larger vat of warm water to heat the honey/oil mixture as you detox and scrub. Slather onto your feet and read a magazine for 10-15 minutes. You can wrap those puppies up in saran wrap or old socks for an extra touch. When the time is up, rinse off thoroughly with warm water and your favorite gentle organic soap.

Moisturize those deserving feet with shea butter and slip into some fuzzy slippers. Enjoy!


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